More To Color Than What Meets the Eye

If you’re looking for some new color ideas to spruce up your space, Sherwin Williams recently introduced four new color palettes at October’s High Point, North Carolina home furnishings market. The company’s Colormix® Forecast seminar is always well-attended by interior designers and it’s no secret why – color is everything when it comes to home design.

We all know color is more than just color and Sherwin Williams reminds us of just that: “There is so much more to color than what meets the eye. It’s a part of our identity. It moves us. It has the power to change the very essence of everything it touches. Color can set a mood, create a conversation, soothe and ground us.”

The first palette introduced is called Method — described as conveying “nature’s processes, the gentle acts of becoming, showing themselves in a collection of organic neutrals and tonal luxury.” If you like the natural order of things, with a touch of art deco, this collection of colors is for you. Method’s nine colors are: Accessible Beige, Evergreen Fog, Urbane Bronze, Uber Umber, Woven Wicker, Shoji White, Chartreuse, Bakelite Gold, and Beige.

Why not, as Sherwin Willams puts it, create “a masterpiece of your own making,” with some of the colors in Opus. The Opus palette “of dusky deep tones and unexpected accents was created to be a new kind of classical, to set drama and emotion to art of good style, and to never, ever fade into the background.” Influenced by modern materialism, glam industrial, theater and moody eclectic, the colors include Cocoa Whip, Garret Gray, Iron Ore, Aleutian, Coral Clay, Naval, Samover Silver, Red Bay, and Blackberry.

For those looking for a bit of whimsy, consider the Dreamland palette. It will “set yourself adrift in a fantasy realm of pearlescent tones, new-growth greens, and lavish pinks that will create a space where fresh ideas flourish.” The Dreamland colors consist of High Reflective White, Natural Linen, Rose Tan, Rosemary, Felted Wool. Cucuzza Verde, Lite Lavender, Rosé, and Dynamo.

“Honoring the timelessness of sleek and functional midcentury modern design, the Ephemera palette is a play on primary color. Each shade was carefully chosen to evoke the fond remembrance of what once was and the unwavering optimism of what could someday be.” The colors of Ephemera are Alabaster, Pink Shadow, Sierra Redwood, Peace Yellow, Inky Blue, Cascades, Moody Blue, Basque Green, and Rejuvenate.

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